Meet My Associates…

Let me introduce you to a few of my associates: recent (I’m defining “recent” as being within the past 7 – 10years) college graduates:

Graduate #1: went to an Ivy League college. No idea what he wanted to do until he came across a teaching job a year later (education was not his major)

Graduate #2: attended one of the top, if not the top, graphics art school. Now works for a firm designing t-shirts. No embarrassment there but he constantly questions why he even bothered to go to this particular school and even college itself incurring thousands of dollars in student loans (which these institutions have the nerve to want re-paid!)

Graduate #3: attended one of the country’s major and well-known schools. Spent two years traveling around the country doing various jobs that really interested her until she went back to school in the medical field and is now quite happy in that field

There are others but my point is that they all went to top – flight colleges (let me point out here that these areas of uncertainty and doubt are not restricted to just those students in the upper tier schools) but no one guided them on to the right track. In all fairness, many students never set foot in the school’s Career Center.

Here’s another group, more recent: two graduates this past Spring (2013)…no clear idea of what they want to do. Are biding their time and making some money working – you guessed it – in a restaurant.

Another fellow graduated 3 years ago. Had a job but didn’t like the industry nor the job. Currently unemployed. Not really searching either.

I think they had a strategy but, unfortunately, the strategy was to sit at home, send a resume here and there and wait for the call. The call doesn’t seem to be coming.

Campus to Corporate, LLC has a plan. Check us out.


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