Campus To Corporate, LLC can help you get hired!

Campus To Corporate, LLC helping you stand out!

Keystone of Campus To Corporate, LLC is our expertise in individual advising, job preparation, and creating strategies on how to effectively market yourself to stand out in today’s competitive job market!

Offering a free initial consultation, we work with you on all levels to comprehensively better understand you and how your history, skills, experiences & interests are relevant and effective in promoting yourself to an organization/employer.  Employers have the ‘luxury’ today of a surplus of talent so why not be best prepared? Resume/cover letter review, critique and construction, interview preparation, LinkedIn profile review and creation, on-line biographical & social media presentation, image-management, job-search etiquette; everything to best stand out.  

Campus To Corporate, LLC will also help focus on the skills you may not realize you even have, build your branding & marketing campaign and stand out in your approach and interview(s) with confidence. We will work with you to:

  • (Re) Discovering your skills
  • Finding the unadvertised jobs/hidden job market
  • Crafting a targeted cover letter and resume ‘package’ and personal branding
  • How to best succeed in getting interviews and standing out
  • Establishing professional presence practicum
  • Personal finance and understanding your paycheck, deductions and benefits
  • Managing the search and providing effective follow-up
Turning Your Education Into Finding A Job

Leading the way in helping prepare for your future!

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