Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Campus To Corporate, LLC

What can I expect when I enlist Campus To Corporate, LLC for my job search & career advising services?

We will provide comprehensive, success oriented advising and career preparation geared entirely for what employers want and expect in an applicant today to stand out. Career development & assessment, materials construction (resume, cover letter, letters of inquiry, thank you letters) and editing/review, LinkedIn and on-line profile management, interviewing skills & preparation, understanding ‘soft-skills,’ the hidden job market; all to make you the candidate of choice.

When do your services ‘time out?’

We do not have a ‘time out’ when working with a client.  You pay for the services you want or think you need! We can work with you ranging from a quick consultation to signing on with us in a relational capacity working to help you stand out and get noticed. We work with you until you are satisfied, gainfully employed and/or simply, what we’re striving for ultimately, is your not ‘needing’ us anymore.

What type of services will I be able to access?

Every client is treated as an individual and we can help determine where you’re at and what will be needed in your job search after some discussion. We can meet in person, telephone, via email, Facetime, Skype or what ever may fit your situation to best get you prepared.

How often will I be able to consult with you?

We’re easily available and depending upon the services you’re choosing, there really isn’t a limit or quota in our meeting structure, again depending upon what your needs are.

Does skill building take place during your consultations?

Yes.  In every facet of your job search and career development needs/aspirations, we work with you to bolster your knowledge and related skills, enabling to make you more attractive to a potential or prospective employer.

What guarantee can Campus To Corporate, LLC provide?

Our ‘guarantee’ is that when working with us you will be more confident, prepared and have a strong understanding as to what’s entailed as you approach the employment market.  Your ‘job’ is to stand out!  While we can never guarantee getting hired by a particular organization, no one can, we can provide you, based on your motivation and willingness to work, a much better chance of being recognized in this very tight employment market!

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