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Campus To Corporate, LLC (C2C) was developed by two professionals – bringing together their years of experience, from both the college campus and corporate ranks – to help you navigate an efficient and successful job search! Make no mistake, finding a job is a lot of work, especially in today’s economy; a full-time job in and of itself, and it can be difficult for those even with the best of credentials.  But, we’ll get you there!  With a better understanding of how employers screen candidates, and how to use that in assessing your education, history, skills to effectively market yourself to potential employers and to stand out in a highly competitive environment!

Bill Moran Co-founder, Bill Moran, has been self-employed for more than 10 years after many years of working with staff and new hires on Wall Street with JPMorgan/Chase.  And, he’s been laid off more than once, recalling those periods as times of “controlled panic.” Those experiences have taught him a number of important things which he will share in the workshops and 1-1’s.
David Machowski Co-founder, David Machowski, has seen the job market transition over the last 20 years through the lens of thousands of organizational recruiters while he has been in the employ of university and highly selective liberal arts colleges.  Advising students from well over 70 different nations and working with those employers seeking talented new recruits, he brings much learned advice of the hiring characteristics employers are looking for, the nuance needed to present oneself in the hiring process and the necessity and practice of effectively making one stand-out as a potential candidate.
Samantha Gonnelli is a graduate of Smith College and New York University. She is a certified teacher and counselor, whose professional specialties are career development, urban education, college admissions and preparation. Samantha is a practicing School Counselor, and is active as a Career Coach with Rutgers University’s New Start Career Network. She contributes monthly articles to the Campus to Corporate, LLC website to assist current college students and new graduates with the job search. Available for 1-1 career advising sessions, group training and career presentations.

Every facet of Campus To Corporate, LLC’s career guidance, assessment and coaching, combined with our workshops, presentations & skill-building sessions has its genesis in more than 30 years of business experience and training workshops that have been conducted around the world.  In fact, in addition to teaching in various states here in the U.S., we have also conducted classes in Australia, Egypt, England, Ghana, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Scotland, Singapore and South Korea.

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